CURRENT EXHIBITION: https://www.johnglover.com.au/event/archive/glover-prize-2020-exhibition-open-to-the-public

UPCOMING SHOWS: JUNE 2020 Weswal Gallery Tamworth, NOVEMBER 2020 MARFA Gallery Melbourne.


Amber Hearn is a multidisciplinary Sydney based artist, originally from regional NSW.

Amber received a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from The National Art School (NAS) Sydney in 2014. Her practice engages the fields of Painting, Installation and Performance Video, including Virtual Reality.

She is the sole founder and curator of the ‘Crossing Borders’ refugee fundraising annual project which has run in partnership with NAS since 2014, raising money for Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) to continue providing free legal services to people seeking asylum in Australia. The exhibition presents the work of over 100 artists and 100% of profits go to RACS.

Amber was recently involved as a director at STACKS Projects, an Artist Run Initiative gallery in Kings Cross Sydney where she curated exhibitions and programs throughout 2016-17.

Her work explores discontent with the future, the nature of ‘being’, human experience/connection/lack of connection and imposed roles on being a woman, embodied in her most recent VR film, Bang Bang Bang (2019).

Her performances utilise her body as a vessel in a poetic manner to explore and subvert ideas which are both personal to her, yet universal in nature such as identity, imposed gender roles and constraints of the physical body and the sensual nature of ‘Being’ and experiencing life based on individual perception and the senses, which is influenced by so many societal constructs.

“My work explores discontent with the future, the nature of ‘being’, human experience and connection/lack of connection with the landscape. My paintings present worlds which are void of the human, yet hold a trace of where the body may have been, with a combination of free brush markings and constrained forms in an attempt to create an environment which embodies both the pain and beauty of being human and what we leave behind.”

For any enquiries please email: amberhearn7[at]gmail.com


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